Five Card Draw Poker Rules

Five card draw is one of the most basic in concept and oldest forms of poker. Five card draw is usually played in home games but is still offered at some casinos and online poker rooms.

Five card draw starts with each player being dealt five cards face down. After each player receives their cards the first betting round begins. Betting starts with the player sitting to the dealers left and goes in a clockwise fashion. If there are 2 or more players in after the first betting round is completed the draw part of 5 card draw begins.

Each player then in turn decides how many cards they wish to replace (in most cases you are only aloud to draw 3 cards or 4 if you hold an ace). Then after a card is burned (the top card from the remaining deck in removed and placed in the muck) all players receive the equal number of cards they choose to replace and everyone should have five cards.

Now that everyone has five cards again the second and final betting round begins. Again with the player sitting to the left of the dealer. When the betting is completed the remaining players will flip over their cards and enter into what is called a showdown. The winner is determined based on which player has the highest value hand according to the standard poker hand chart.