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Carbon Poker Review

There’s been a significant transition from online to live play for most professionals because of recent poker legislation, but there’s still an insatiable craving for the online atmosphere for most veterans. Because of its acceptance of American clientele, this all-inclusive platform has thrived in addressing the needs and wants of nearly any poker enthusiast. Carbon Poker has become a relevant threat in the eyes of any competitive online site, and they’ll continue to progress as their consumer base widens.

New players seeking a place to build a bankroll, or steadily increase it, will look forward to participating in the various games that Carbon Poker offers. Known for a vast array of poker options, it should be to the delight of many that you’ll be capable of finding your preferential game selections during many different times of day. Whether it’s playing for real money, or in a play setting, players will notice little issue in locating a game that suits your tastes.

Carbon Poker happens to be located on the Merge Network, which has become the host of several popular and successful gaming platforms. With Merge Network catering to such a diverse consumer base, it’s not surprising that they provide superior customer service in all facets of the online poker environment.

Safety, security, and heart-pounding action are what Carbon Poker prides themselves on, and you may enjoy all of these benefits from the comfort of your own home.

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Layout and Features

In efforts to attract players, Carbon Poker has incorporated components that are demanded from both recreational consumers, and their professional counterparts. Enhancing an already complete gaming experience has become the focus of the developers, and improvements are easily recognizable to former Carbon Poker players.

Just going live on June 5th of 2012, Carbon Poker has released version 6.0 of their poker software. Included in the release were new search fields, expanding game lists, local time zones, table statistics, and improved and redesigned tournament lobby, filters, multi-table screen configurations, table resizing and custom player boxes. With the last software release dated in 2009, Carbon Poker has made significant strides to ensure that its players are content.

While each of the above characteristics is commendable, that small list doesn’t cover the platforms features in totality. Missing from that collection is a bevy of integral poker bonuses such as: Bad Beat Jackpot, Caribbean Stud Jackpot, timebank, deal it twice, quick start, rabbit hunting, exposing one card, accolades, smilies and player tagging. Each with its own distinct purpose, in unison these features lift Carbon Poker’s table experience from average to unparalleled.

Covering all ends of the spectrum, Carbon Poker didn’t exclude users who flourish on the functionality and style of Mac-based computers. With this demographic growing in popularity, especially amongst younger professional players, it would be a major faux pas to prohibit them from enjoying Carbon Poker. They’ve designed software exclusively for Mac and Windows operating systems, so players may take their pick at what they prefer.

In the interest of novices, Carbon Poker also presents a comprehensive strategy guide for each and every poker variant they offer, so you may jump into any arena and convey confidence.

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Customer Service

The Merge Gaming network contains an assortment of professional and experienced minds capable of building such a one-of-a-kind product. Trailing this follows superb customer service, with employees that are consistently accessible around the clock to deliver answers to your most complex questions. Their team can respond to questions regarding real money play, deposit and payment options, and in-game troubleshooting just to name a few.

In what seems to be a trend in the realm of online poker, customer service teams have been retracting a few of their contact methods. Rather than being able to get a hold of a staff member by phone, fax or live chat, Carbon Poker has delegated all of their effort to emails. While maybe not preferred by all, email support from support staff usually has minimal wait periods and is typically detail-oriented.

To help deter an influx of similar inquires, the support team has created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that zones in on the general information that players need to understand. Uncertainties with installation, network connectivity or typical table play may all be found here.

Online poker has often been scrutinized greatly for its security, or lack thereof. Nonetheless, Carbon Poker tries to make players feel more at ease by ensuring that they only instill top-of-the-line data encryption software, linked to the most knowledgeable and reputable engineers and governing commissions online poker has to offer.

Topics such as responsible gaming, game rules and participation restrictions are all available on their web site in further detail.

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One of Carbon Poker’s greatest assets is its competitive edge, both in terms of superiority on the Merge Gaming Network, and also in concerning the dominance of their stronger players. Veterans should have the opportunity to earn maximum value from hands because of the modest player pool. While the site has grown in popularity, and in turn, the opposition has improved, you won’t encounter frequent resistance from your opponents because of the weaker environment.

To restrict success only to highly-skilled beneficiaries, however, would be near-sighted. As a whole, novices and players with minimal experience may also exploit the games by playing smart and picking your spots. Patience is a virtue in poker, and those who take the time to study their opponents, and modify their approaches will immediately reap the greatest rewards.

Most observers will find it useful to designate their time to Texas Hold’em, as the bulk of soft tournament fields and cash game players reside here. Despite carrying a collection of popular poker genres, this remains the most popular globally.

The Merge Gaming Network is evolving rapidly, and as a bunch of U.S. players still search for a new online home, traffic will increase along with the size of both the weak and strong player bases.

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Broadening the spectrum of poker varieties has assisted Carbon Poker in moving forward amongst the elite online poker platforms. Offering trendy games such Lowball and Badugi inspire some of the best players in the world to participate on the site. While these individuals may have a significant edge over their fellow players, at lower levels players of many different skill levels battle to prove who is more talented.

Standard selections such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, Five-Card Stud, Razz, H.O.R.S.E., Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Video Poker, and Backgammon can all be played directly from the main lobby.

Carbon Poker benefits from allowing its clients to learn each poker variant through their online web site. Laced with information and strategy content, students of the game can minimize the learning curve by reading their in-depth articles. Covering topics such as cash game play, tournament play, betting structure and hand strength, you’ll reduce your risk of ruin (ROR) by following the suggestions presented by the guides.

To the delight of many avid poker pros, the use of third-party tracking programs, such as Poker Tracker or Hold’em Manager, is permitted on Carbon Poker. This is a great luxury, understanding that several other skins have previously restricted or not allowed the use of third-party database software.

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Do to the popularity of the Merge Gaming Network, Carbon Poker serves host a larger segment of the poker market than most. Nonetheless, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to consistent traffic. Rating around or just above an industry average, there can be several thousand cash game and tournament players found during most times of the day. During its peak, Carbon Poker may bring as many as 3,000+ players as a whole.

What’s more essential to note is the increasing presence of regular “grinders” at the lower buy-in limits. Especially in the cash game format, it’s become difficult to make consistent profit at the stakes of $2/$4 and below. Likely because many Americans are attempting to rebuild a bankroll post-Black Friday, the games have become steadily tougher, and are worth monitoring to ensure that the games are beatable.

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Tournaments remain the premier attraction for most new players. With an extensive assortment of tournament varieties and buy-in levels, it’s often beneficial to begin your poker quest in the forum. Tournaments vary in size, typically dependent on the game type and tournament fee, so depending on what you’re seeking you’ll find a niche that suits you.

Satellites, Bounties, Freerolls, Guarantees and Shootout are five of the most popular selections, with each providing its own unique blueprint for maximum monetary gain. Smaller nuances, such as whether you’ll be playing an event shorthanded or heads-up, may also be chosen from the tournament lobby. In order to view each choice, you’ll need to observe your “player admin.” From this screen, each tournament will be displayed, with the corresponding game types and preferences next to each event. For those who wish to get a more general opinion of what each tournament would be like, you may also view the tournament events from the web site. Here, the upcoming schedule of events is posted, along with the current number of entrants, start time, game type and entry fees.

In terms of attractive specialty tournaments, Carbon Poker has kept things appealing by offering a Ladies Only tournament that runs several times a week. Stating that its purpose is focused around an engaging, fun and social atmosphere, it’s also a can’t-miss chance for women to test their ability against their peers. With big-name events such as the World Series of Poker ladies only live tournament running every year, participation in these smaller tournament could prove to be a constructive use of online time.

Carbon Poker has also spread over $4 million across is guaranteed tournament fields. With the $125,000 guarantee being the most significant, it’s an outstanding value for players looking to test their tournament prowess. The $12,500 Freeze-out and $5,000 Daily Deepstack also draw their fair share of hopefuls, and with less overall traffic, your chances of winning it all skyrocket!

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Even in light of their enticing namesake, freerolls are difficult to conquer because of their magnitude. Since there’s no entry fee, many beginning players flock to this setting to test their luck. However, while its cost is intriguing, the size of each tournament field is not. With hundreds, if not thousands of players signing up simultaneously, your odds of being lucky throughout the event diminish drastically.

However, on the upside, if you’re successful, many players have run with their newfound bankroll directly through the ranks. Steadily building from a few dollars to several million, this is often where many of the epic “rise to riches” stories have originated.

Bigger freeroll tournaments such as the $500 New Depositor freeroll are offered on a monthly basis. Two $200 freeroll events are scheduled daily, and may be entered by anyone on the site. And also, being a real-money depositor doesn’t exclude you from freeroll participation; it increases your benefit two-fold by being able to accrue cash and prizes from both freerolls and other real-money environments.

Freeroll schedules are implemented on both the web site, along with the Carbon Poker platform.

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Despite most sites having a larger array of real-money limits, it’s still profitable to play within the scope of what Carbon Poker offers. Scaling from $1c/$2c micros to the high stakes of $50/$100, you’ll notice that the bulk of players on Carbon Poker will be relegated to the small-stakes world. Dependent on what game you’re playing, however, the minimum and maximum playing levels can expand or contract.

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Private Games

Increasing in popularity because of their convenience, online players are able to manage and create their own custom games on Carbon Poker. With the assistance of the program, you may choose between a number of preferences in order to arrange your upcoming poker night. You may customize your table name, stakes, game type, maximum number of players and password, amongst other options.

Although meager in comparison to competing custom table clients, it has some allure due to the vast group of games and stakes that may be chosen. It’s become a great way to organize events quickly with buddies, improve the action on the site as a whole, and set yourself up for the best possible success by playing a game that YOU want to play.

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Compatible Operating Systems

Carbon Poker allows both Mac and PC users to download their platform directly from their web site.

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Deposit Bonuses and Player Rewards

With promotional changes rolling in each month, Carbon Poker boasts one of the most dynamic VIP Reward systems we’ve seen to date. Accommodating to both casual and frequent players alike, you’re able to acquire points through a variety of channels and at maximum benefit to the player.

As if real-money play wasn’t prosperous enough in terms of earning valuable items, Carbon Poker makes it easier by targeting certain segments of its player base each month for exclusive bonuses. Showing gratitude in the form of 2X point earnings during certain daily hours, free poker training and other examples, you’ll be overwhelmed with the alternatives you have in terms of redeeming your VIP points.

In order to earn VIP points at Carbon Poker, players will need to enter the real-money poker tables and contribute to the rake. In ring games, players will earn 10 points for every dollar raked. In a similar fashion, players who partake in tournaments will earn 10 VIP points for every $1 paid in tournament fees. On the contrary, players who avoid earning any points after a consecutive 30 day period will be penalized.

After earning points, you can apply them to multiple items such as tournament entry, free cash, deposit bonuses, monthly promotions and the VIP Points store. The VIP points store has become the most popular way of point redemption, giving players the choice of purchasing one-of-a-kind goods such as gaming consoles, computers, chip sets, live WSOP entries, sports memorabilia, or even high-end luxury products. There are hundreds of additional items, and you’ll have to sift through the items to find out which are most attractive.

On top of a generous rewards program, this site provides users with a 100% First Deposit Bonus, up to $600! However, by signing up through our site, you’ll be upgraded to receive a maximum of $750! That’s an extra $150 free! In order to receive it, you’ll unlock $1 for every 75 VIP points you earn through your real-money play. By playing enough, you’ll have your free deposit bonus in no time.

Some requirements and rules do apply. Visit for more details.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

The amount of deposit and withdrawal options is extensive to address the needs of its diverse consumer market. Two major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa), Neteller, Click 2 Pay, 1 Pay, Moneybookers, EcoCard, Instadebit, ClickandBuy, Paysafecard, and Web Money can be selected by most users for either deposits or withdrawals.

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