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With many online poker rooms grabbing attention, it’s become difficult for several platforms to emerge triumphant amongst the crowd. 888 Poker, despite being a descendant of its larger casino parent, has become a distinctive attraction to poker players because of a focus on them and what they desire. Earning several awards for its unprecedented software and support, 888 Poker is leading the pact in terms of overall performance. A pioneer in the online poker community, 888.com and its affiliated poker platform will continue to move forward in the uncertainty of online poker’s future.

Overall, 888 Poker commands respect due to its long-standing propensity to deliver the best poker features available. Considering the newly implemented “poker cam,” which is slowly making its way through other online poker destination, 888 Poker is often the originator in software development. Their distinguishable branding has allowed them to draw in over 5 million members worldwide, and with a market this vast and diverse they’re consistently on top of what poker players crave.

A byproduct of their consumer base, 888 Poker has some of the best poker games you’ll find on any platform. Participants from across the globe flock to the tables because of the potential for massive reward. Both ring games and tournament play are mutually beneficial, and regardless of your knowledge 888 Poker can assist you in learning the intricacies of each genre.

Being one of the largest poker and casino conglomerates has forced 888 Poker and its staff members to strive for excellence, and this is witnessed in the development of the software. Poker 6 is the most recent release of the 888 Poker platform, and the inclusion of over 100 new features should impress nearly 100% of its users.

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Layout and Features

A robust list of in-game additions and a well-thought out interface permits little interruption during game play. Gone are the days of intermittent connections (unless your computer is at fault), and 888 Poker welcomes players to software free of clutter and confusion. Not to assume that their software is void of valuable elements, but its streamlined aesthetic remedies any possibility of malfunction during crucial game decisions.

Speaking of in-game aspects, important table modifications such as resizing, cascading and tiling may be adjusted to your own particular play style. Multi-tablers or single-tablers will be enthusiastic about the options available to them, which will give them the edge necessary to demolish their adversaries. While playing each table, observant grinders may want to utilize items such as player notes, time banking, table chat and table statistics while they’re in-game. Knowledgeable use of these features should elevate your game to a different dimension.

Some settings may be adjusted by users, depending on their own unique tastes. While the site has a bright backlit blue display reminiscent of its trademark logo, 888 Poker doesn’t want to limit their site’s appeal by becoming one dimensional. Available for modification are deck color, card faces, and multiple table themes; including a 3D version that’s displayed beautifully given the right display. More seldom adjustments such as seeing your folded cards and disabling animations and sound are also included.

What’s become a growing necessity in online poker is the requirement of third-party tracking software compatibility. Depending on what platform your computer uses, some popular database software such as Poker Tracker 4 or Hold’em Manager 2 may or may not be useable. Nonetheless, if you’re computer can install it, 888 Poker can typically employ its function. Exporting your hand histories are a breeze, as they can be saved to your hard drive in text format for later use, or you import them directly to your poker analysis software.

In a recent software update, players have been given the luxury of creating their own “Play With Friends” table. Completely disconnected from the creators of the popular mobile app, this 888 Poker original gives players the comfort of joining exclusive games with only familiar faces. Trying to market to a particular niche, consumers who are more content with beating up on their buddies should jump for joy at the execution of their latest facet.

Both tournaments and cash games can be selected from the creation menu, with options such as date, time, room name, password, buy-in, number of seats, and prize pool structure being available. A great way to kick off a weekend, few things feel more satisfying than taking your friends hard-earned paycheck in a few hours time.

Arguably the most innovative insertion to the site is the use of the “Face2Face” poker cam. Allowing players to see one another in real-time while sitting at their computers is truly revolutionary. Attempting to combine the feel of live play with the mathematics and intuition of online, it’s an ingenious way to inspire more types of players to join tables.

Players may play in the live casino and games section of the site as well, which actually hosts dealers in real-time, flipping cards, dice or picking numbers in your favorite casino sports!
The site is compatible with Mac and Windows users as well!

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Customer Service

Despite the decline in use of telephone as a primary contact method, 888 Poker continues to provide good customer service through other channels. In a way that’s unique to 888 Poker, they’ve built a comprehensive contact guide that lists the most asked questions, along with accurate responses. Although noticeably informal, it does capture what players need most, a quick resolution to an issue.

Complete with information on withdrawals, deposits, accounts and technical help, you’ll start to wonder why several other online platforms have yet to follow suit. For those who prefer more personal assistance, 888 Poker hasn’t excluded live chat along with email service, which gives you the chance to address your problem directly with a member of the support staff.

888 Poker’s team is 100% loyal to its clients, and in turn wants the best experience possible for them. This is done by giving them a safe and reliable place to participate, and this couldn’t be done without the security and reputation of its credit card processors and governing bodies. Intersafe Global Limited is a leading online transaction provider, and doesn’t give away any information, especially credit cards, to safeguard its users.

Topics such as responsible gaming and the accolades 888 Poker has received over the years for its excellent service are provided on the web site.

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888 Poker’s competitive nature is somewhat different than what most have come to expect from online poker. Although online poker continues to be the tougher environment in comparison to live play, 888 Poker is still full of international players who don’t have as much poker influence as those in North America. While there are still many players overseas that have plenty of firepower, it’s typically to a players benefit to avoid players from the U.S. and Canada where poker is very prevalent.

The preference for many online poker companies to couple online casino and poker play is to the benefit of the poker players, because typically poker is littered with many more professionals than their casino counterpart. However, because gamblers love to bet on a variety of activities, they often head over to the poker table to try their luck. The savviest veterans are easily able to exploit the weak and passive play of most novices, and even those who have just played a few sessions should be able to avoid the obviously mistakes these players make. With a large portion of the site’s players in this category, profits should continuously increase as these players remain present.

As you move up into the higher buy-in tournaments and ring games, however, easy targets are atypical and infrequent. The games become inhabited with intelligent opponents, capable of bluff-raising river cards and re-stealing with appropriate 3-bets. In an attempt to remain profitable, it’s best to avoid these types of games, unless you consider yourself worthy of such a challenge.

The world of micro and small-stakes seems to remain the avenue for the most success, and if you’re able to venture out, test your diversity by branching out into the Hi-Lo games or Seven-Card Stud.

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Ring games have garnered the most attention in recent years, because many players have now understood that they’re the most monetarily beneficial over time. If you hold a significant skill advantage over your adversaries, you’ll be even more profitable. The haven for most ring game players has been No-Limit Texas Hold’em, and despite its growing popularity it’s still a very solvable game.

It’s been included amongst the poker variations on 888 Poker, and they’ve also brought in Limit games, Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha Hi, Seven-Card Stud, and Stud Hi/Lo. Despite being somewhat limited in terms of game type, what’s great about this list is that all of the most crucial options are there. By keeping the amount of games small, there are always people in each forum, and the action’s usually worth getting involved.

During those times you’re running bad, or maybe you just feel like gambling in the more traditional sense, you’ll have opportunities to play a slew of casino games directly from the platform. Whether Blackjack, Roulette or Slots are your kryptonite, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to regain a portion of your bankroll on those days things just don’t seem to go right on the poker felt. However, I never advocate tilting off 25% of your bankroll in games you’re not a favorite in. That also goes for on the poker felt!

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not completely familiar with any of the poker or casino offerings. To assist players in their quest for success, the respective 888 Poker and Casino web sites have well-detailed outlines on the betting structure and strategy of each game.

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With 10,000 players during its peak times, 888 Poker can be full of fish waiting to be reeled in. However, the 888 network can be sporadic at times with its traffic. If you’re a professional who game selects carefully, you’ll likely be very satisfied with amount of players found online during most times. But for those who have stricter schedules, or are playing recreationally, be careful about jumping into any game during off-peak hours because it may be saturated with experts.

Most players on the site can be found playing tournaments, as they remain the most attractive because of their notoriety and prize pools.

During the week, the total average of players lingers around 5,000.

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Tournaments remain the biggest draw for both professionals and recreational players alike for one reason: There’s minimal risk in comparison to the massive reward. Professionals who are aware of their tournament prowess know that it’s a numbers game; more tournaments they enter the better chance of success they’ll have. On the opposite end, recreational players find allure in the dream of hitting it big; the once in a lifetime opportunity of winning millions over the span of a few days.

But regardless of what end of the spectrum you’re on, 888 Poker has something for everyone. Sit-n-Gos and Multi-Table Tournaments are two types that both groups adore, and after playing for awhile you’ll begin to spot familiar names. The prize pools are particularly fair, and depending on when you’re tournament runs they could be as high as several hundred-thousand dollars!

While 888 Poker does manage to create reasonable tournament fields, they lack in comparison to a few other online poker sites. But smaller fields certainly favor the player overall, as you’ll have to fight through less people to get to the prize money.

The buy-in for most events is modest, and it’s rare to find a tournament that carries over a $110 entry fee. Some of the larger guaranteed events, such as the $30K and $10K, still gather bigger crowds and tougher competition. We also can’t forget to mention the outstanding opportunities you’ll have to qualify for large buy-in live events, as the Aussie Millions, WSOP and European Poker Tour are a few of the destinations they cater to.

In the course of a month, over $2,000,000 is up for grabs on the site, so jump into the tournament action right away!

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So you’ve deposited your cash. You’ve enter a few MTTs, and you’ve had little to no success. Your tiny bankroll is getting close to depletion, and you really don’t want to keep depositing money. The solution? Freeroll tournaments!

Freerolls events target players who aren’t interested in depositing huge sums of cash, and are primarily interested in splashing around in pots with as little risk as possible. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is… in a sense. Players who take part in freerolls have to deal with large fields and scanty prize money. However, 888 Poker tries to make it worth your time by giving players daily $75 freerolls, and better yet, massive $100, $1,000 and even $10,000 weekly and monthly freerolls to players of a specific VIP tier level. You’ll need to blast through the ranks of real-money play before stepping into this territory, but once you do, 888 Poker will be waiting to reward your efforts.

Not only can you enter a bunch of different freerolls daily, but if you make your first deposit her with us on HighStakes-Poker.com you’ll be given entry into 7 $500 freeroll events and one entry into a $1,000 freeroll!

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Although not always occupied with players, there are stakes as high as $250/$500 on 888 Poker for players to try. While the thought of buying in for $50,000 at one time makes most people cringe, there are many players capable of playing their best without much thought to the monetary risk. For the more risk averse, you can play as low as $1c/$2c and be more than comfortable at those stakes. Levels do change depending on the game type also.

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Private Games

Most attempts to install a private game features on poker platforms have failed miserably, or have had moderate success. 888 Poker falls somewhere in the middle, with both private tournaments and ring games that can be created within a few minutes. One advantage that 888 Poker does carry over past endeavors is that with its unique “poker cam,” friends can see one another from around the globe and connect electronically and emotionally if it’s difficult to communicate otherwise.

Several different characteristics of your private game can be adjusted, and you can click on the “Private Games” tab from the lobby window to get started.

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Compatible Operating Systems

On 888 Poker, players can download the software on Windows, but not on Mac computer. There’s a no-download client for non-Windows users.

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Deposit Bonuses and Player Rewards

We’ll try to make this as simple as possible: Sign up for 888 Poker with us on Highstakes-poker.com, make your deposit, and you’ll receive a 100% deposit bonus, up to $700, plus $8 free! It’s a promotion that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s available exclusively to us on Highstakes-poker.com.

In addition to the deposit bonus, players will receive seven tickets into 888 Poker’s $500 freeroll tournament, one ticket into the $1,000 freeroll event, and become eligible for the $100,000 First Deposit Challenge! These are opportunities that you just can’t pass up!

888 Poker doesn’t stop here. Special promotions such as Euro Mania, Double Your Money and the 888 Genie Games give players great chances at making huge scores. It’s only the tip of the iceberg, however, and there are many more events and promotions that 888 Poker gives to its players.

One of those rewards comes in the form of a point system that uses both status points and reward points cooperatively to elevate players into different tiers. Dependent on the tier you’re in, you’ll given a ratio between status and reward points to collect. The more you play in real-money ring games or tournaments, the more points you’ll earn to use towards cash and prizes. It’s an easy way to earn free gifts, and most players won’t need to do much other than review their account balance to start accumulating points.

Players can spend their points on something as extravagant as an Aston Martin DB9 coupe!

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Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit methods that also allow withdrawals from the same processor are: Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, CashUp, ClickandBuy, Chinese Debit Cards, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, eNets, Entro Pay Virtual Visa Card, Laser Debit Card, Neteller, NetPay, PayPal, PayBox, POP, Postepay, Kalibra, Moneta, Skrill, Web Money, Qiwi and Ewire.

Popular deposit methods that can’t withdrawal are: Boleto, Diners Credit Card, Giropay, paysafecard, Ukash, Fast Bank Transfer and Instadebit.

Withdrawal methods only: Wire Transfer.

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