High Stakes Fixed Limit Texas Holdem

The Highest Stakes Poker Site For This Fixed Limit Texas Holdem

The poker sites that offers the highest stakes for limit texas holdem are UltimateBet they have $300/$600 limit holdem game and PokerRoom also has a $300/$600. Full Tilt Poker has $200/$400 tables. Doyles Room offers a $150/$300 game. Party Poker has a $100/$200 and Poker Stars also have $100/$200 limit holdem.

Where To Find a Game With The Most High Stakes Players Playing

Party Poker has the most tables with players playing for high stakes on their $100/$200 tables. Doyles Room usually has a $150/$300 limit table going. PokerRoom has players playing at their $300/$600 limit holdem tables. Poker Stars also usually has a high stakes game going. UltimateBet high Stake tables only seem to be active in the afternoon and evening but you can get a good game at $300/$600. Full Tilt Poker does not seem to have a $200/$400 game all the time.

Most Recommended Site to Play at For This Game

If you want to play high stakes limit holdem we recommend that you play at Party Poker. They do not offer the highest stakes out there but they have one of the only poker site where you can always find a game for limits up to $100/$200 at any time of day. Party Poker is also one of the safest and most trusted online poker rooms.

PokerRoom has up to $300/$600 limit holdem games, they do not have as many players as some other sites. If you want to play stakes this high this is where to go. PokerRoom is also one of the safest online poker rooms.

UltimateBet also has $300/$600 limit game they have a few players playing those limits during peek hours. So if you want to play with limit that high it good place to play. UltimateBet is also a leader in online security and player safety.

Doyles Room has limits up to $150/$300 limit holdem. They usually have at least one high stakes game going at all times from my experience the games are often short handed. Doyles Room is a great place to play online poker and is very safe.

Poker Stars offer limit holdem with limits up to $100/200 and during their peek hours they could have one or two high stake tables going. Poker Stars is one of the bigger and most trusted online poker rooms.

Full Tilt poker has limit holdem stakes up to $200/$400 at this time they do not have a strong player base and high stake games are regularly not full look for this to change in the near future. Full Tilt Poker is a very safe and secure online poker room.

Other Sites That Offer High Stakes Poker

There are other sites offer high stakes limit texas holdem poker. They are listed below and information on each is given.

Party Poker now offers $100/$200 high stakes limit holdem as well as $50/$100.

Pacific Poker highest stakes are $30/$60 they also have $15/$30 tables.

Poker Stars has high stakes limit games up to $100/$200 the next highest level they offer is $30/$60.

UltimateBet has high stake tables with $300/$600 also $200/$400 and $150/$300.

Noble Poker offers $10/$20 limit hold’em.

Absolute Poker has limits up to $50/$100 and $25/$50.

Paradise Poker has $40/$80 also $20/40 tables.

Empire Poker has stakes up to $30/$60 and $20/$40 games as well.

Full Tilt Poker offers $200/$400 limit tables for full and heads up play as well as $100/$200.

PokerRoom has limits up to $300/$600 as well as $200/$400 and $100/$200

Doyles Room offer $150/$300 and $50/$100

Poker.com has limits up to $30/$60 and $15/$30.