High Stakes Fixed Limit Omaha 8

The Highest Stakes Poker Site For This Game

The poker site that offers the highest stakes for limit omaha hi/lo is UltimateBet with $300/$600. Full Tilt Poker has omaha hi/lo with a $200/$400 limit. Poker Stars has a $75/150 game. Pacific Poker has a $30/$60 game. PokerRoom offers up to a $25/$50 game and Party Poker and Empire Poker have $20/$40 tables.

Where To Find a Game With The Most High Stakes Players Playing

I think that Poker Stars has the most high stakes limit omaha hi/lo players playing on a regular basis. Party Poker has a lot of players Playing their $20/$40 games. Empire Poker also has a lot of player at their highest stakes limit omaha hi/lo tables. Full Tilt Poker seems to have some high stakes not at their highest stakes but at $15/$30 or so. UltimateBet seem to only regularly have a game up $5/$10 limits. PokerRoom doesn’t have a lot of high stakes players at this time so lower limit game at this time.

Most Recommended Site to Play at For This Game

If you are looking to play high stakes limit omaha hi/lo we recommend Poker Stars. Poker Stars has stakes up to $75/$150 and they have the most players playing for high stakes. Poker Stars is one of the most well known and most trust online poker rooms.

Party Poker I would recommend next they have a $20/$40 limit game and they always a few games going. Party Poker is a leader in online gaming and player security and safety.

Empire Poker also has up to a $20/$40 game and they have a couple tables going on for these game. Empire also has the same online security and players safety standards as party poker.

Full Tilt Poker Offers a $200/$400 limit omaha hi/lo game but it’s not to often that people are playing for these stakes. They do usually have regular games going for limits up to $15/$30 during peek hours. Full Tilt Poker is a very safe place to play.

UltimateBet has the highest stakes out there with a $300/$600 game. They do this to try to get high stakes players to play there but right now the highest limit game they have going on a regular basis is $5/$10. UltimateBet is also a leader in online security.

Pacific Poker offer a $30/$60 game but don’t have many players playing for their highest stakes. Pacific Poker is a very safe online poker room.

Other Sites That Offer High Stakes Poker

There are other sites that offer high stakes limit omaha hi/lo poker. They are listed below and information is given.

Party Poker has stakes up to $20/$40 also $15/$30.

Pacific Poker has stakes up to $30/60.

Poker Stars offer high stakes $75/$150 and $30/60 omaha hi/lo tables.

UltimateBet also offers high stakes up to $300/$600 and $200/$400.

Noble Poker offers $10/$20 limit games.

Absolute Poker has $15/30 as well as $10/$20.

Paradise Poker has $10/20 for omaha hi/lo tables.

Empire Poker has $20/40 and $15/$30.

Full Tilt Poker has high stakes up to $200/$400 and $100/$200.

PokerRoom has a $25/$50 limit game and a $10/$20

Doyles Room $10/20 and $5/$10

Poker.com does not have omaha hi/lo.